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(born 02/05/43 i Oslo)

Arne Paus grew up at Bislett in Oslo, near the famous stadium used in the winter olympic in 1952. The first few years in Thereses street number 24. One incident in his early years was the bomb that went off at the garage next door, which led his mother to argue her way past stern german soldiers to get to her son and make sure he was alright. A few years later the family moved to to the next street along, Vidars street number 7, and it was here that he started painting with oils, being 12 years old and much too grown up to play with tinsoldiers. Or at least too embarrased to do so.

The early schoolyears was spent at Bolteløkka, famously visited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1955. At Hegdehaugen high school Paus went on to discuss politics with the Prime Minister Gerhardsen long after hours, and was only stopped by the fact that the primeminister had to catch the last tram home.

Paus delivered his examination papers blank and informed his tutor that he was going to proceed with his art. Thus he applied to Folkwangschool in Essen Werden.


1963 Folkwangschule, Essen Werden

1964/65 Staatliche Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf under prof.Joseph Beuys

1966 Worked at the Norwegian Broadcasting Company.

1967-69 The Artacedmy in Oslo under profs Aage Storstein, Per Palle Storm og
Alf Jørgen Aas

Arne Paus was a debutant at Statens Høstutstilling (The States Artexhibition) in 1966.
Through the 1960, -70, and -80s he along with Bjørn Fjell, Karl Erik Harr and Odd Nerdrum, took the initiativ to hold a series of exhibitions under the title Romance and Realisme. Paus also started the 700m2 ( ca 2300 sq feet) Gallery for figurativ contemporary art at Beitostølen, in Valdres.


1968: UKS, spring exhibition, Oslo, group exhibition
1968: Statens Høstutstilling, Oslo,  group exhibition
1970: Romantikk, Oslo Kunstforening, group exhibition
1971: Statens Høstutstilling, Oslo, group exhibition
1973: Statens Høstutstilling, Oslo, group exhibition
1976: Romantikk – realisme, Lund Konsthall, Sverige, group exhibition
1977: Valdres Folkemuseum, Fagernes, solo exhibition
1978: Romantikk, Oslo Kunstforening, group exhibition
1979: Statens Høstutstilling, Oslo,  group exhibition
1979: Romantikk, Oslo Kunstforening, group exhibition
1980: Moss Kunstforening, solo exhibition
1981: Blomqvist, Oslo, group exhibition
1986: Galleri Tonne, Oslo, solo exhibition
1989: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norge i bilder, Oslo, group exhibition
1990: Amsterdam, solo exhibition
1991: Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, group exhibition
1991: Galleri Tonne, Oslo, solo exhibition
1991: Galleri Bellmann, Oslo, group exhibition
1992: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norsk Hydros samling, Oslo, group exhibition
1994: Brussel, solo exhibition
1999: Galleri Bellman, Oslo, solo exhibition
2003: Samlesbury Hall, England, group exhibition
2004: Gulden Kunstverk, Drammen, group exhibition with the daughter Bodil Paus
2004: Skår-utstillingen, Haugesund, group exhibition
2007-2022: Galleri for figurativ samtidskunst, Beitostølen, group & solo exhibitions
2010 – 2011 Galleri Würth, Oslo
2011 Jølster utstillingen
2011 Karmøyutstillingen
2011 Galleri Perrongen, 40 årsjubileum som kunstner i Valdres
2011 The Norwegian Opera, Dance of pain, An hommage to Pina Bausch.

Fagernes rådhus (1979)
Sparebanken NOR, Fagerners
Fagernes Hotell
Norsk Hydro, Haugesund
Fagernes Lufthavn, Leirin
Radisson BLU Resort, Beitostølen
1980 Pan NRK
1997 «Og redskapet er øyet” NRK
2011 P2, Kulturhuset


Fredriksen Family Collection (2003)